About Learn Exploit Development


Welcome to Learn Exploit Development.

My name is Uday Mittal. I run a cybersecurity research lab by the name of Yaksas CSC. I created this website as a supplimentary resource to my exploit development courses:

Here you will find resources related to exploit development and reverse engineering. I hope to keep updating this website or regular basis.

A lot of the work here is inspired by the research other people have done and made available in public domain. A big thanks to them. Wherever possible, I have provided their details in acknowledgemnts or as part of the resource itself.


We condemn illegal activities related to computer hacking, and we will take appropriate actions if anyone in our territory is involved, or intends to be in such unlawful matters.

Our tools, live trainings, and tutorials are created for the sole purpose of security awareness and education. We certainly do not encourage our readers/users/students/members to do harms with the knowledge they receive.

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